Hi, my name is Daniel D. Denney (yes, 3D), and I’m an IT geek with over 15 years of programming and database experience. I currently serve as a senior Database Administrator for a major telecom provider.

My career started with such technologies as MS FoxPro, Cold Fusion, and classic ASP.  And if you want to go back to where it really started, Commodore BASIC on the VIC-20. I quickly developed a knack for database design and implementation and moved into database administration with an emphasis on helping other programmers design, tune, and implement databases for their applications.

In addition to my DBA duties, I have taken on additional roles of SharePoint administrator, MS BI stack administrator, and on occasion will dive into the dark side to develop Oracle solutions.

I am active in the Southern California SQL Server community, helping to run 2 local PASS chapters as well as SQL Saturdays.

My specialties include system architecture, designing and implementing OLTP and OLAP solutions, and performance tuning.






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